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Ethics Leadership And Decision Making Australian Civil Engineering

Question: Examine about the Ethics Leadership And Decision Making CERA. Answer: Presentation Structural Engineering Research Associates (CERA) is perceived as one of the main associations inside the Australian Civil Engineering Industry. The association isn't an excessive amount of old in the business as the firm was set up in the year 2007. From that point forward the firm has prevailing to accomplish a positive, beneficial and practical development inside the business because of value go-to counseling administrations in the common development industry of Sydney. The significant point of the association is to give ideal arranging, high caliber and basic structural designing exhortation to the customers situated in Australia. The administration of CERA has affirmed that they have 45 exceptionally qualified and gifted representatives in their firm. What's more, CERA has 15 self employed entities. The human asset the board of the association has built up some significant human asset the executives strategies in regards to the supportability of the work environment just as powe rful execution the board of representatives. Notwithstanding the sufficient methodology improvement procedure and execution of those techniques in the business the board procedure, the human asset supervisory group of CERA is confronting various sorts of moves identified with the exhibition the executives of workers. The significant point of this report is to investigate the moral issues in the presentation the board related difficulties looked by the administration of CERA. Two distinctive significant administrative morals hypothesis will be actualized in this report to fundamentally examine the moral problem. In addition, the effect of these moral hypothetical ideas on the defeating of the restrictions will likewise be examined. Some significant proposal plans will likewise be talked about to guarantee sufficient worker execution the executives through the thought of the moral points of view. Moral Dilemma Faced by CERA in Employee Performance Management Rachel Amaro, the administrator and the expert preparing staff has communicated her anxiety with respect to the representative execution examination, execution the board and business process result of the association in not so distant future. As per the human asset strategy of the association, the human asset supervisors will consistently deal with the working environment request and occupation fulfillment of the representatives (Savery, 2015). There are distinctive significant driving elements, which improve the inspiration of representatives and employment fulfillment. Viable installment structure, standard working hours, restricted work environment stress, successful worker commitment and high social acknowledgment are some significant representative inspiration drivers. Then again, solid inspiration and occupation fulfillment of the representatives inside the working environment really helps an association to guarantee quality working environment execution. Viable execution of th e workers improves sufficient execution evaluation and execution the executives. Being a recently evolved association, CERA has achieved a positive business development inside 10 years and has snatched a specific piece of the pie because of value human asset the executives arranging, suggestions and representatives abilities just as execution level (Oleary et al. 2011). In any case, the human asset the board of CERA is confronting some basic work environment related difficulties in this contemporary period because of deficient execution the board procedure. Rachel Amaro has conceded that the workers are profoundly gifted and educated. Then again, she has additionally conceded that the association has built up some feasible human asset the board approaches, yet the administration has expressed that the association has neglected to fulfill the interest of the talented representatives in the work environment in regards to quality execution evaluation and execution the board. She has co mmunicated that the top human asset the executives experts in some cases go about as a teacher. In spite of good execution and difficult work in basic ventures, the profoundly performing representatives are remunerated inadequately. Consequently, she bolstered the presence of the reward conspire, however fundamentally censured the compensation out for the superior as remunerations as per the reward plot (Oehlrich, 2016). This is additionally fundamental for the administration of CERA to achieve a quality business development through powerful representative inspiration and high worker work fulfillment. In any case, the association the board of CERA may confront business benefit related issues sooner rather than later if the firm doesn't fulfill the requests of the talented workers through the thought of value execution the board angles. Subsequently, lackluster showing the board, reward conveyance and wrong execution evaluations are viewed as the major moral predicaments looked by CE RA with respect to the exhibition the executives of the gifted representatives. Two Theoretical Concepts from Managerial Ethics Administrative morals for the most part manages the associations' interior qualities, which is a fundamental piece of the corporate culture of an association and shape the methodology improvement process concerning the socio-social duty regarding the significant outside ecological elements. In this specific case, the human asset branch of CERA has emphatically centered around the turn of events and ramifications of satisfactory human asset the executives arrangements and techniques to fulfill the requirements of the workers (Mooman, 2012). As far as the moral problem, the gifted and performing representatives of the association are confronting basic work environment challenges in the business activity process because of terrible showing evaluation and prize dispersion. Along these lines, this specific perspective can be viewed as one of the basic administrative morals issues (Nair, 2014). Henceforth, the scientist will execute two significant hypothetical ideas from the field of admi nistrative morals to fundamentally examine the moral predicament. Independence approach and good rights approach have been examined in this piece of the report. Independence Approach Independence approach is a significant administrative morals idea, which is considered by the administration of various contemporary associations to guarantee a self-coordinated pathway by the authoritative pioneer of an organization to manage others and devotees to meet the created hierarchical targets. The compelling independence approach consistently concerns the development and manageability of every single worker inside a working environment of an association regardless of various social customs of individuals over the globe. The independence approach is likewise applied by the hierarchical pioneers or chiefs to keep up manageability in the business the executives viewpoint (Mishra et al. 2013). This is critical to realize that the human asset division of CERA has concentrated on the improvement of worker arranged procedures and execution of those techniques in the work environments. Regardless of such methodology, the human asset the board experts have neglected to keep up a quality exhibition the board and worker fulfillment (Lussier, 2014). As indicated by the perspectives on a ranking director, it has been distinguished that some gifted, learned and profoundly performing representatives are not content with the prize dissemination and execution examinations. Utilization of the independence administrative morals hypothetical idea, it is straightforward that human asset the executives heads and chiefs are not considering this specific viewpoint in the human asset the executives procedure. Along these lines, the talented and equipped representatives are experiencing this specific issue. Low occupation fulfillment of the gifted representatives because of insufficient executi on the board procedure at CERA can be viewed as a significant independence issue, which should be defeated the by the overseers just as the human asset the executives experts of the association. Moral Rights Approach Moral rights approach is additionally considered as a significant key administration approach, which by and large helps the human asset the board of an association to deal with the development and fulfillment of every single individual inside an association keeping up the essential privileges of the specific representatives. Moral privileges of representatives inside an association by and large incorporate the central ideal for working environment security, directly for discourse, directly for opportunity, directly for proper pay rate and ideal for working environment wellbeing and supportability (Johns, 2005). As indicated by the case realities of CERAs human asset the board exercises and methodology foundation process, it has been resolved that the senior workers of the association are confronting basic difficulties. One of the ranking directors of the association has communicated her view with respect to the absence of representative inspiration and worker fulfillment. It has been distinguished that the top administration authorities didn't concentrate on the maintainability and request of the normal representatives, who are sufficiently gifted and performing viably (Singh Hardaker, 2014). As per the ethical rights administrative morals approach, the talented and performing representatives are confronting some basic inspiration related issues because of the thought of poor business development (Cole, 2015). Be that as it may, the human asset the board division of the association embraced some unified methodology in the human asset the executives and business dynamic procedures, which are influencing the work environment adequacy and worker cooperation. As far as the ethical rights approach, the human asset supervisory crew of CERA is neglected to benefit from the conceivable successful human asset the board approaches in the contemporary time. Subsequently, the ethical privileges of the workers have been damaged because of the thought of the lackluster showing the board approaches by the human asset the executives experts of CERA (Snell, 2010). Along these lines, it is profoundly significant for the human asset the executives experts of CERA to think about this indepen dence,

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Criminal Law on Omission | Summary

Criminal Law on Omission | Summary The general situation in criminal law is that an individual can't be held to be at risk for neglecting to act, dissimilar to somebody who purposely acts. This position is expressed by May LJ in R v Miller 1 as except if an obligation has been determined by resolution or the custom-based law forces an obligation to act with a particular goal in mind, at that point a unimportant exclusion to act with nothing more can't make the individual who neglects to accomplish something blameworthy of a criminal offense. In any case, there are specific classes where obligation for an oversight can collect, which will be examined beneath, along with different lawful scholastic perspectives either possibly in support of the inconvenience of a more extensive type of risk for exclusions. Instances of resolutions containing terms which give that an individual is liable if a result happens for either a demonstration or an exclusion incorporate segment 85 of the Water Resources Act 1991, which expresses that an individual is blameworthy on the off chance that he causes or purposely allows a toxic or poisonous substance to enter controlled waters. The Law Commission in its Draft Criminal Code of 1989 states that demise brought about by such an offense can be brought about by an oversight 2. In customary law, certain commitments have lead to legal authorizations. A model is R v Gibbins and Proctor 3, in which a man and his living together accomplice intentionally retained food from the kid for whom they had obligation regarding, and were held liable of homicide 4. The preliminary adjudicator found that the couple did as such with the wilful and conscious expectation to debilitate and cause her egregious physical issue 5. uch cases have prompted area 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, the meaning of which incorporates disregard and relinquishment just as ambush and abuse for an individual with guardianship or care of the kid (more extensive than simply common guardians) to be seen as blameworthy of an offense. The capability of this standard is the place the guardians or carers make fitting move to keep away from this obligation, for example, placing into youngsters into child care. The primary significant classification to consider includes obligations emerging from a legally binding obligation. Models incorporate R v Haines 6, where the ground bailiff neglected to guarantee legitimate ventilation of the mine, and the court held that is an individual was slaughtered because of this disappointment, he could be held liable of murder by exclusion. The test was whether an individual utilizing sensible industriousness would have completed his obligation. Social Policies for Canada: Film and Video Social Policies for Canada: Film and Video Canadian social approach Presentation Social approach is a demonstration through which a national government takes measures to empower or monitor exercises in regions particular as social. Culture is a wide wonder that is related with tremendous ideas that incorporate workmanship, law, ethics and different abilities and propensities that man has held onto as a part or as a feature of the general public (Jackson Lemieux, 1999, p, 1). Correspondence likewise alluded to as a mass culture falls under the wide way of thinking of culture since mass correspondence is the most recent pattern in the cutting edge society (Marsh Harvey, 2006, p, 1). This report will break down review of Canadian social arrangements and the country’s film and video social approaches. All the more along these lines, the report will layout whether the applied film and social approaches have yielded the required impacts and the elective measures as suggestions. Review of Canadian social approaches Generally, Canadian social approaches rose up out of the overwhelming nearness of the United States (Jackson Lemieux, 1999, p, 1). Canada demographically outskirts United States; along these lines, clarifying the explanation behind the impact that acquired outside culture and Canadian second language (Marsh Harvey, 2006, p, 1). Before culture and language impact, Canadian social commercial center is likewise lopsided on the grounds that the Canadians are passionate customers of American language and culture (Foote, 2011, p, 1). The most hit social market is mass correspondence, where items like books and movies accessible and sold in Canada are delivered outside the nation for remote markets; in this manner, the incomes gathered from such deals stream outside Canada (Marsh Harvey, 2006, p, 1). Measurable review asserts that remote firms represent 46% of residential book deals, 84% in sound account industry, 81% magazines altered in English language and 98% of Canadian screen time thr ough cinemas (Marsh Harvey, 2006, p, 1). With such reversal from remote items, Canadian makers have an incredibly restricted access to their own market (Jackson Lemieux, 1999, p, 1). This act of open outskirt majority rule government has become a major test for Canada as far as building up its own legacy, workmanship and social ventures. Canadian film and video strategy So as to control the previously mentioned reversal of the film and creation industry, the Canadian government has actualized arrangements with the guide of offices that anticipates secure and upgrade its film and creation industry (Vallerand, 2013, P, 10). Among the significant government offices is the Department of Canadian Heritage, which manages the bureaucratic varying media arrangement and program exercises (Jackson Lemieux, 1999, p, 1). The legacy office guarantees that there is a decent gracefully fasten from creator to the resident with a point of improving accessibility and openness of mass items like movies to all Canadians crowds. All the more in this way, this office adopts positive strategies to innovative change so as to pick up the introduced benefits offered by mechanical progression (Vallerand, 2013, P, 10). Furthermore, the office creates and grows worldwide markets with a point of offering Canadian ability and culture to the whole world. The other significant advance used by the Canadian film and video industry is setting up the Canada include film support that targets raising over $97 million somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2011 individually (Vallerand, 2013, P, 12). The goal of this financing is to build the quantity of Canadian crowds in theaters for Canadian element films. All the more along these lines, the program anticipates bolster creations in different assortments just as help set up organizations and up and coming ability or more all, make crowds for Canadian creations both all inclusive and inside Canada. Preceding the division of Canadian legacy, other government offices contribute in various territories on the side of Canadian film and visual industry. Among these offices is the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) (Vallerand, 2013, P, 12). This administration office caters for 100% of the creation cost and gives mentorship and specialized help through Filmmaker Support Programs for both the effectively settled and developing autonomous movie producers. Accordingly, this organization bolsters the business monetarily and basically by guaranteeing that the made movies are imaginative in structure and substance. Then again, Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are two offices whose significant goals are to guarantee the qualification of film creation organizations just as burdening them (Vallerand, 2013, P, 13). Canada’s Policy on Audiovisual Treaty Coproduction is another organization that targets empowering both outside and Canadian makers. The explanation for the support is to pool producers’ innovativeness, specialized capacity and money related assets so as to permit them get local status in their separate nations (Vallerand, 2013, P, 14). With the assistance of this organization, Canada has presently marked 53 such joint bargains. What's more, Canada has delivered around 700 film and TV programs that conceded an all out spending creation of $4.9 billion (Globerman, 1991, p, 1). Also, the National Film Board of Canada is an extra office answerable for delivering and circulating social-issue narratives and other advanced sub stance that give the world a selective Canadian point of view. On another note, Telefilm Canada is an office that administers Canada Feature Film Fund just as showcasing and advancing the varying media industry and the Canadian element film. In conclusion, the Canadian radio TV and media communications commission (CRTC) helps in managing and controlling the Canadian telecom and media communications frameworks that as of now surpass more than 2000 telecasters (Vallerand, 2013, P, 14) The nearness of the previously mentioned government and free organizations in Canada has incredibly helped in improving the film and video industry in immense manners. In addition, the approaches and guidelines that these organizations incur has guaranteed that Canada have could possibly deliver and sell its movies both inside Canada and all inclusive (Jackson Lemieux, 1999, p, 1). These approaches have likewise guaranteed outside substance don't attack and command the Canadian market. Independent of the positive results showed by organizations and their arrangements, the Canadian film and video industry appear to linger behind as far as prevalence in the worldwide film showcase (Globerman, 1991, p, 1). With the nearness and impact of the neighboring United States, one would anticipate that Canadian film industry should be among the famous film makers. In any case, this isn't the situation in light of the fact that the Canadian film industry despite everything shows various difficult ies that will require exhaustive survey regarding ability and remote market development (Globerman, 1991, p, 1).This could be the required intercession since Canada gangs the necessary types of gear and monetary assets (Foote, 2011, p, 1). In this way, Canadian film and video arrangements are successful and they have emphatically influenced the whole business. By and by, the concerned gatherings from the business ought to develop different implies that remember joint effort with Hollywood partners for request to propel its industry towards the required spotlight (Globerman, 1991, p, 1). References Foote, J. (2011). Verifiable Perspective: Cultural Policies and Instruments. Summary, Cultural

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An Analysis of Jack Londons To Build a Fire :: London To Build a Fire Essays

An Analysis of Jack London's To Build a Fire In his article To Build a Fire a Physical Fiction and Metaphysical Critics Charles E. May remarks and can't help contradicting an explanation that To Build a Fire is a magnum opus of a short fiction(20). Artistic pundits guaranteed that London utilized numerous similitudes in this work, for example, sun-fire-life or cold-obscurity discouragement death(20), yet May contends that this story ought to be perused and deciphered truly and doesn't contain profound, double or allegorical significance. He says: For Jack London, and therefore for the peruser, the man in the story is just a living body, the virus is essentially a physical fact(22). What is more article's writer firmly can't help contradicting the pundit, who thinks about the topic of the story to a topic of a traditional disaster. May snidely expresses that the main obvious similitude as far as topic would be the issue of hero's death(22). I imagine that To Build a Fire story identifies with numerous issues taken cover behind a shallow plot. The story happens in an exceptionally serious winter; the man undervalues the perils of nature powers and battles to come back to camp. He is cautioned about potential perils, yet he is likewise too pride and too self-assured to mull over the exhortation. The hero is joined by a canine. The man attempts to endure, yet powers of nature are more grounded and he kicks the bucket. The translation of the story, be that as it may, uncovers genuine treasures: issue of dejection, dangerous dread, acknowledgment, understanding, issue of time, and a startling quiet. The hero is by all accounts an exceptionally autonomous and tough individual, he rather tunes in to himself first. He arranged his way back home, and in any case to climate condition he understands his arrangements and sets off. During this outing he begins to understand that it might be excessively cold, at first attempts to set up a fire, however it isn't sufficient to endure. He is frightened, and has a sentiment of a coming demise. Here and there he is like a contemporary individual, who never possesses enough energy for anything. The hero hurries to return home, to understand his own arrangements, to go ahead, at that point on an abandoned land he out of nowhere discovers time, a lot of time to think, and to feel. It was a truly awkward inclination to know about his own passing; he can anticipate what will occur. From the outset, he attempts to get away and securely discover camp, yet a while later he learns it is outlandish, and acknowledges his destiny.

Christian Motif in Dracula

Despite the fact that the novel depicts Anta-Charlatans esteems and convictions, Abram Stoker as ready to utilize various strategies in his novel to show how the Catholic convictions were helpful as a security towards detestable, and to have the option to think about the forces among great and abhorrence. All through the novel, the peruser can evidently see a portion of the characters' change from being a piece of the English Church to a Catholic one. One of the most clear models is Jonathan Harder, the English Churchman.When he previously got the rosary and cross from the woman, he had blended sentiments since his congregation considered those to be as excessive. In any case, the character builds up a â€Å"obvious social and strict tolerance† (Stars, D. Bruno) towards the Catholic Church. As Harder comes back to Transylvania, he's the inverse as he initially left †rather than being distant from everyone else, uncertain and Protestant, he is currently In a gathering, exp erienced, and semi Catholic. † (Stars, D. Bruno) There are numerous Instances all through the novel where Abram Stoker makes a moral story to the Bible.The extraordinary being Drachma speaks to the idea of Satan since his portrayals are resoundingly evil: hen infuriated his eyes light like â€Å"the flares of damnation fire bursted behind them† (Stoker, Abram) and he flashes a â€Å"smile that Judas in hellfire may be glad of† (Stoker, Abram) One direct purposeful anecdote to the Bible's Book of Revelation's four places of the end of the world was when Drachma showed up in a â€Å"calâ ©chew, with four horses† (Stoker, Abram). Likewise the utilization of upper casing of individual pronouns regarding Drachma, which is commonly held to God, implies that Drachma is introduced on a standard with God.This consistent SE of Catholic moral story explains the reason for Broker's use of Catholicism as a theme. The battle among great and underhandedness likewise hel p depict the motivation behind Stoker's utilization of Catholicism. All together for Seward, Mina, Harder, Morris, and Helping to vanquish Drachma they needed to cooperate with both innovation and their own confidence. The character would regularly end up requesting God's assistance and saying the stage â€Å"God's will be finished. † With the expansion in their Catholic confidence, the characters were seeped to put stock in their strict instruments and destruction Drachma.With confidence and expectation on Catholicism, they had the option to accomplish their objective. The utilization of Catholicism as a theme obviously bolsters the possibility of Drachma being a professional Catholic promulgation. Stoker had the option to satisfy his motivation by spreading his standards and convictions of the Catholic Church. Stoker had the option to portray Protestants and Catholics calmly cooperating, anyway he did exclude the Protestant confidence to the decimation of Drachma (Stars, D. Bruno).

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Video Games and Esports in South Korea Technology Assignment - 4400 Words

Video Games and Esports in South Korea Technology Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: NameCourseProfessorDateVideo Games and esports in South KoreaExecutive summaryThe report is a research paper based on the video gaming activity in South Korea. To satisfy the curiosity of the reader, the article is designed to capture significant areas. Firstly, the abstract will give the general video gaming activity in South Korea, secondly, the introduction of the paper with a brief history of the game and introduce the research. Thirdly the body which will contain main sections; the opening of video gaming by technology, the gaming culture of the Korean people, video gaming and the economic implications in Korea, cyber world games, and worldwide perception of video games. Last part will be the conclusion with the general recap of the research.AbstractAlmost half of the South Korean population is infatuated with a video game. The country's sophisticated fiber-optic infrastructure sustains the gaming activity. According to the Organization for the Economic Cooperati on and Development, the country has broadband subscription rate of about 25.4% for every quorum of 100 residents compared to the USA which has only 16.8%. The country's per capita income greatly depends on it. It has stopped being indoor games as most would perceive. Most Korean conduct these games outdoors, the local gaming rooms have been open for such games. The world interest has been drawn close to this tremendous adoption of the video gaming activity in South Korea.IntroductionIn South Korea, eSport is a vital business (" PR Newswire Mar 11, 2014, ProQuest. Pg, 7). Nearly everywhere you turn you find the video game advertisements; the driveways, billboards, and media network have been cites for the announcements. Traditionally, the video games were predominantly based on a local focus, but as of late it is clear the gaming sector has market appeal. The recent reports have shown enormous growth in the Korean gaming industry. There is about 14.9 percent contribution of the glob al gaming market by the Korean government. Those who practice it well knows the path to culture. Like any culture, Video gaming is a culture bred by the most Asian countries. Today what was only seen as a mean for entertainment now has crossed borders and become one of the most crucial economic activities in Korea. Therefore it is true to conclude that, the Korean economy is largely dependent on the Video games. It due to this fact that, the most researchers have deliberated to find more about the gaming industry in Korea, particularly the video games hence the birth of the paper.Video gaming and TechnologyApparently, technology has been the cause of human life change. Today, it is difficult to discuss a topic without the mention of technology. It is to say that, technology is responsible for various cultural developments. The video game is a product of technology because it wholly depends on the technology infrastructure (Laakso, Linus, pg.15). A video game entirely depends on the user interface to display and manipulate images produced by the computer program through the monitor. In a nutshell, the game is mostly the interaction between the virtual world and the real world. A user has to control the players manually through the monitor. Due to numerous technological advancements, video games have undergone various evolutions. World over uses the video game supplementary to the real games. However, the Koreans have different perspectives. Most, Asian counties have embrace technology; Korea being one of them is not left out. Technology is not only used as means to develop lethal weapons in South Korea but also to develop the gaming industry. Case in point in, the Korean online gaming industry has hit the news worldwide. There have been innumerable reports highlighting reasons why South Korea can be the next to be the next world's boss. The GDP growth in the country is attributed to the Video gaming industry.The video gaming culture in South KoreaA large popul ation in South Korea plays online games on a regular basis. The country's technological wellbeing supports the video gaming activities. The sophisticated technology infrastructure has seen Korean citizens being one of the most wired societies in the world. According to the late statistics by Entertainment Games Software - Quarterly Update, about 20,000 active play stations or bangs in the country. It is a world's perception that the activity has been integrated into the social fabrics of South Korea. According to the Korean cultural and social fabrics, the games are seen to be means to achieve maximum pleasure. For the Koreans, going to a bang is the same as attending a movie or cinema in the Western Countries. Video games are not only locally played but also in big cities such as Seoul with high population.South Korea is a small country with large population, most cities with high population runs out of options for recreational activities. Therefore they engage in the online games . The population of Korea has faced various economic hiccups due to the size. The introduction of technology in the region has seen people get into the game industry as a way means to feel the economic gap. The market entries of the game are estimated to $5 billion by 2002. The games such Star Craft has been reported to have sold about 4.5 copies in the country 11milion worldwide in total. The video game industry emulates the informal sector of the country's economy. Reportedly, there is a large sector of illegal gambling and betting trade infiltrating into the economy.The South Korean cyber competition is regarded as a national sport televised in nearly all channels. The country has established a full-time video game network programs named, Ongamenet and MBC Game. The Federal Game Institute report indicates that over 10 million South Koreans keep up with the eSports. Surprisingly, depending on the video tournaments, some of these games get more rating than some pro basketball and f ootball. As per the countries record, there are about ten professional gaming leagues in Korea sponsored by the corporations such as SK Telecom and Samsung giving a huge monetary reward. Famous Korean video game players could take a six-figure salary home. Korea being a technology-rich economy, digital gaming is a major supplement to the country's GDP (Research and Markets). The gaming industry popularity does not only come with the game itself but also due to its capacity to create employment opportunities.The video game culture of KoreaConsequentially, the strong video game culture has led to video game addiction in South Korea. According to the recent surveys, video game addiction is now one of the biggest problems that the country faces. The result reveals that, out of ten, one Korean adolescent is at risk for the internet addiction and exposure. Notably, internet addiction is a life-threatening epidemic. Year in year out thousands of people get hospitalized due to excessive ga ming. Scientifically, the brain responds to addiction by the release of either; endorphins are the dopamine. These are central Nervous system organs in charge of the reward systems. For instance, if one exposes themselves to a particular activity severally, they become addicted to it. The brain responds with the release of the named hormones. Many at times these hormones are responsible for manipulating choice to what most excites. Some game addicts choose to game for sleep and even food. Human health due to these addictions has been put in jeopardy. The stories of those who have died playing video games are innumerable. The Korean government has spent millions of money funding the health facilities for the treatment of the affected individuals. There are centers now for the treatment of the game addicts. It has forced the government to introduce a law that inhibits the under the age of 16 from playing the game. The law has been criticized as focused on deconstructing the countries gaming culture and failing to appreciate the positive impacts of the video game in the personal sense of identity during growth (Bassiouni, Chris, pg.127). However, the government in defense has argued that it is better to have a healthier population than to have culture fearing country. The gamble with human life would be more expensive.Video gaming and the economic implications in KoreaAs earlier mentioned in the above discussions of this paper, South Korean is relatively a small country with a high population of about 50 million people. With the vast population, the Korean government has been unable to maintain the community with its available resources. Video gaming was introduced both as a cultural and an economic phenomenon. Video game famously known as the Korean Drug has stood in support of the economy for the past decades. Besides the health effects brought by its addiction, the economy has primarily depended on the gaming activity. At this point, it is undeniable that vid eo gaming can be a stepping stone to an economic milestone like we shall see in the section of the paper.Like most economic activities, video gaming industries offers various crucial financial support to the Korean government and its citizens at large. To fully understand these implications, the paper will focus on the important concepts; these elements include; employment, infrastructural development, cultural enhancement and development, technological development and the population's wellbeing regarding leisure activities. Apparently, economic stability does not fail to address the welfare of the population in general.EmploymentVideo gaming industry is an elaborate sector; as such, the stakeholder is of the more significant realm. The main subjects in the industry include players, video game developers, marketers and the fans. Broadly, the Korean citizens are cultured into games. Most of the young and the old population are i...

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AP Calculus BC Exam Free Response Practice Problems

There are only six free response problems on the AP Calculus exam, and yet we all dread these questions the most! But as long as you know your calculus, these problems are no more difficult than the multiple choice questions. In this review, youll get an overview of the Free Response section and a few practice problems to work out. You can find the solutions by scrolling all the way down. What to Expect on the Exam The AP Calculus BC Exam consists of two main sections, Section I: Multiple Choice Questions (1 hour and 45 minutes, 45 questions) Section II: Free Response Questions (1 hour and 30 minutes, 6 questions) Just like in the multiple choice section, the free response section is divided into two parts. Part A consists of two questions and requires the use of a (graphing) calculator. However, no calculator is allowed on Part B, which has four questions. You are required you to write out all of your steps for each free response question, even if you used a calculator program or special feature to find the answer. Correct answers without supporting work may not receive credit. Another major difference is that the free response questions usually consist of 2—4 subproblems. So while there are only 6 problems total, there may be closer to 20 problems if all parts are counted. An important strategy to keep in mind: if you get stuck, move on! All of the problems are weighted equally and there is the possibility of earning partial credit. Practice Problems The following four problems are modeled after actual AP Calculus BC free response questions, two in each part. On the AP exam, there will be two more questions in Part B. For this practice set, give yourself 30 minutes for each part. Then, later on, you can go back and finish the parts that you didnt get to for practice. Free Response Section, Part A Time — 30 minutes. A Graphing calculator is required for some problems or parts of problems. Let g(x) = x3 5x + 5.(a) Find the x and y coordinates of the relative maxima and relative minima.(b) Determine the equation of the tangent line to the graph at (-1, 9) (c) Find the point(s) of inflection. Verify your answer. Suppose a police officer is 1/2 mile south of an intersection, driving north towards the intersection at 25 mph. At the same time, another car is 1/2 mile east of the intersection, driving east (away from the intersection) at an unknown speed. The officers radar gun indicates 15 mph when pointed at the other car (that is, the straight-line distance between the officer and the other car is increasing at a rate of 15 mph). (a) Find the speed of the other car in miles per hour. (b) At what rate is the angle ÃŽ ¸ increasing in radians per second? Free Response Section, Part B Time — 30 minutes. No calculator is allowed for these problems. (Note, on the actual exam, this part consists of four question in 60 minutes.) Let R be the region enclosed by the graphs of y = x2 + 1 and y = 3x + 8, and the lines x = 1 and x = 4.(a) Find the area of R.(b) Set up, but do not integrate, an integral expression, in terms of a single variable, for the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved about the x-axis. (c) Set up, but do not integrate, an integral expression, in terms of a single variable, for the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved about the line x = -2. Consider the equation x3 3xy + y4 = 1.(a) Write an expression for the slope of the curve at any point in terms of x and y.(b) Find the equations of the tangent lines to the curve at x = 1. (c) Find the value of . Solutions The solutions below represent what might be acceptable work for a student to show in order to earn full credit. The purpose here is not to provide detailed explanations, but to demonstrate correct mathematical mastery. In fact, Ive written a little bit more than a typical student might do on the exam so that you can follow my work easier. Problem 1 (a) g  (x) = 3x2 5.Set the derivative equal to 0 to find the critical numbers. Use the second derivative test for relative extrema. g  (x) = 6x. g  (-1.291) = -7.746 0, so there is a relative maximum at this point. g  (1.291) = 7.746 0, so there is a relative minimum at this point. Plug each critical number into the original function g to get the y-coordinates: g(-1.291) = 9.303, and g(1.291) = 0.697. There is a relative minimum with coordinates (1.291, 0.697) and a relative maximum with coordinates (-1.291, 9.303). (b) To get the slope of the tangent line at (-1, 9), evaluate g  (-1) = 3(-1)2 5 = -2. Using point-slope form, y 9 = -2(x (-1)), or: y = -2x + 7. (c) Set the second derivative equal to 0 to find possible points of inflection. g  (x) = 6x = 0 → x = 0. Since g   0 for x 0 and g   0 for x 0, there is a change in concavity at x = 0. This proves that there is an inflection point at x = 0. Now g(0) = 5, so the inflection point is (0, 5). Problem 2 (a) This is a related rates problem.By the Pythagorean theorem, x2 + y2 = z2. Now taking derivatives with respect to time, we get: . Next, the given information tells us that dy/dt = -25, and dz/dt = 15. Furthermore, we know that x = 1/2 and y = 1/2. Therefore, by Pythagorean Theorem, Now plug in to the related rate and solve for dx/dt: Thus, the other car is going roughly 46.2   mph. (b) This time, we use trigonometry: The rate is in terms of radians per hour, so we must convert to radians per second by dividing by 3600. Final answer: 0.01978 rad/sec. Problem 3 (a) Inspecting the graphs, y = 3x + 8 is always above y = x2 + 1 on the interval [1, 4]. The area is 45/2, or 22.5 square units. (b) For a solid of revolution about the x-axis, its best to use the washer method. (c) This time we have to revolve around a vertical line, x = -2. The most straightforward setup involves the shell method. The radius of a typical shell is x (-2) = x + 2. Problem 4 (a) The slope is equal to the derivative dy/dx. Use implicit differentiation to find the derivative.(b) First we plug in x = 1 into the original equation and then solve for the y-values. (1)3 3(1)y + y4 = 1 1 3y + y4 = 1 y(-3 + y3) = 0 So there are two points, y = 0 and y = ∛3. At (1, 0), the slope is: Now using point-slope form, we find the equation of the tangent line: y = x 1. At (1, ∛3), the slope is: Again using point-slope form, (c) Take the derivative of the derivative. We have to plug in x = 0, y = 1. But we also need to know the value of dy/dx at (0, 1). So first compute: Finally plug everything into the second derivative expression.

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Using Green Energy to Help with Global Warming Essay

Green energy is a type of energy we use daily. We have many types of energy including Coal, oil, wind, electric, wind, solar geothermal, water, natural gas, biomass, nuclear, and hydrogen. Out of those 12 energies, only wind, solar, geothermal, water, and biomass are renewable and are green. While4 of the remaining, coal, oil natural gas, and nuclear are non-renewable and are not green. Lastly, the remaining 2 energies, electricity and hydrogen are secondary energy sources. (English Online)Based on the graph below, we can lower the lifecycle of greenhouse gases and stop pollution that causes global warming (Union of Concerend Scientists).Graph: (IPCC) By shifting from coal and fossil fuels to green energy, we will save energy, and our coal†¦show more content†¦Anyone who relies on the USA for trade and alliences will not be able to be supported by the weak US Army and will not be import or export the products with the USA. Lets look at how much it costs to make things that turn the energies to eletricity. OpenEI Transparent Cost Database Plant Type Levelized Cost of Energy (USD/MWh) Overnight Capital Cost (1000xUSD/kW) Fixed Operating Cost (USD/kW) Variable Operating Cost (USD/MWh) Capacity Factor (%) Max Median Min Max Median Min Max Median Min Max Median Min Max Median Min Wind, onshore 120 60 20 2.60 1.57 1.13 60.00 10.95 10.95 23 6.45 5.02 50.4 38 18.4 Wind, offshore 200 100 70 8.00 3.05 2.16 180 14.28 14.28 40 21.18 13 54 43 27 Solar PV 590 280 150 9.50 5.10 2.50 110 32.03 6.44 0 0 0 28 21 15.48 Solar CSP 300 200 60 8.09 5.74 3.20 142 55.72 7.80 25.50 .10 .10 65 31.16 21.84 Geothermal Hydrothermal 140 60 40 5.94 2.82 1.63 229 155.41 68.33 0 0 0 95 85 75 Blind Geothermal 100 6.85 222.98 0 0 0 95 Enhanced Geothermal 130 130 60 7.25 7.00 1.78 199.69 199.69 134.05 40 30 5 95 84.6 80 Small Hydropower 140 4.50 130 0 0 0 50 Hydropower 120 20 20 4.00 1.32 0.50 75 13.14 12.72 5.94 3.20 2.42 93.2 93.2 35 Ocean 210 220 230 11.34 6.00 4.50 100 0 0 0 25.5 Biopower 170 70 10 7.66 2.62 0.36 369.28 66.63 12.00 29.12 4.61 .01 85 84.04 75 Distributed Generation 480 140 50 9.80 1.80 1.31 80 16.58 16.03 51 7.37 7.12 75 Fuel Cell 150 150 140 7.00 4.64 3.80 850 5.65 5.50 47.92Show MoreRelatedLack Of National And International Policy Agreements Towards Global Warming1392 Words   |  6 PagesLack of national and international policy agreements towards global warming worsens the environment in which polar bears live. Climate change and global warming have become significant issues environmentally. Although humans suffer greatly, there is a greater risk on our world’s wildlife. It is evident that there is a lack of interest towards wildlife when it comes to global warming. The human population is an obvious worry. Seeing as wildlife does not get as much attention, it is possible that someRead MoreEssay on What is Global Warming?1232 Words   |  5 PagesInconvenient Truth shows us what will happen in the future if we continue to produce waste and pollution. We are the cause of global warming. Global warming turns the earth into an oven. Each year the overall temperature raise, causing more natu ral disaster and dry lands. If we let this continues, we might even end up in the same wasteland shown in the film Wall-E. Global warming happens when the greenhouse gases keeps the radiation that comes from the sun back to the planet, causing temperature to riseRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects On The Earth s Environment1078 Words   |  5 PagesGreen Practice â€Å"Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate† (Goguen). Day-to-day, fossil-fuels are being burned; humans are deforesting land, driving cars, creating and demolishing buildings, and much more; these activities result in the release of greenhouse gases (Goguen). Architects are now being awakened by global warming issues andRead MoreEssay about Global Warming is a Theory, Not a Fact1338 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the idea of global warming is a highly controversial and debated topic. But is there any real evidence that global warming is a growing problem or is global warming just a big scare tactic being used to get people to comply with strict government regulations? Global warming is widely believed to be the main cause of rising average global temperatures. In reality, global warming isnt really all what i t has been exaggerated to be. Many of the predicted effects of global warming over time have actuallyRead MoreA Brief Note On The Green Building Movement1686 Words   |  7 PagesThe Green Building Movement â€Å"North American homes, offices and other buildings contribute an estimated 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year—more than one third of the continent s greenhouse gas pollution output† (Biello). Global warming is a worldwide issue that is thought to be one of the most severe problems around the globe. Pollution in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming. This pollution starts to build up and destroy the ozone layer causingRead MoreDefining Global Warming1117 Words   |  5 Pages Global warming is a very broad subject. The official definition of global warming is an increase in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from greenhouse effect. I translate this into the earth warming up; this might be caused by people. I personally think that global warming is man-made. Some processes that contribute to global warming are factories, cars, and ma ny other objects that produce carbon dioxide. Global warming isRead MoreSolutions to Global Warming Essay1480 Words   |  6 PagesClimatic warming, or what some call global warming, began thousands of years ago. This climatic warming occurs because of natural climate cycles that the earth has to go through in order to have a stable climate condition. Global heating and global cooling are nothing new today. There were Ice Ages when most of the world was covered in glaciers and hot steamy times that allowed animals that now live in the tropics to live in almost any continent known today. A major change in climatic warming beganRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Serious Problem Essay1675 Words   |  7 Pagesdisappearing habitats, changing ecosystems, and acidifying oceans.† (Berger, 2015) Global warming is a serious problem for several reasons including melting glaciers, more severe storms, and the effects that it is having on our wild life/ sea life due to the greenhouse effect. We must start taking measures to help the effects of global warming. If we do not start making changes to help the issue that global warming is bringing, we will really start to regret it because we only have one earth and ifRead MoreThe Issue Of The Green Movement1342 Words   |  6 Pagesshould feel content with what we are given and be sure that all are given the same. The green movement, isn t just a social issue, it is a moral issue. One that we all need to partake in. This is relevant because the research shows how much we have altered with our planet and it s not good (Enzler). The data includes things like the shrinking of the polar caps, the rising of the sea levels, the dramatic warming of the Earth’s temperature, the increase of carbon in the atmosphere etc.. As journalistRead MoreOutline Of A Speech On Climate Change Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesTopic: Climate Change Specific Purpose: To persuade people to change their views on global warming. Thesis Statement: Climate change is no joke. If we don t do something about it now, it will be too late. I. Introduction Attention material/Credibility: No we’re not hungry, no we’re not worried. We’re just living life right now. Tomorrow? What is Tomorrow? If we for a second, glimpse into the future, we would see people suffering from the thoughtless decisions we are making right now. I don t want